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staff and students
Youth action planning
South Kirkby & Moorethorpe, Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK
Project leader:
South Kirkby & Moorthorpe Community Project (SK&MCP)

A good example of engaging young people in the preparation of a Community Action Plan for an urban neigbourhood. Achieved by a local school council preparing a Youth Action Plan based on data from a questionnaire for school students and other young people.


The Process

key to colour coding
Intense community planning activity
Events, workshops, meetings, open house events, exhibitions.
Moderate community planning activity
Surveys, consultation periods.
Low level community planning activity
Preparation, revising documents, survey analysis, design work
Key points in community planning process
Formation of organizations or partnerships, launch of initiatives, project completion.
Other relevant events and activities
Local election, local plan adoption, tendering.
Nothing much happening
Waiting, breathing spaces

2004 Jul Project planning
    Agreement on community youth survey and approach to local school and youth service.
Sep Logistics
  • Questionnaire design, use and analysis agreed.
  • Link with local secondary schoo; (Minsthope Community College) established
Questionnaire finalised
  • By school council and tutors.
  • Outreach work with 'street kids' (those not at school) agreed with youth service.
Dec Survey and outreach
  • Questionnaire collection
  • Two evening sessions with school council members completeing questionnaires with 'street kids',
2005 Jan/
Analysis and plan drafting
  • Data inputting completed
  • Data analysis
  • Preparation of draft and final youth action plans
  • Key findings incorporated into Community Plan
Apr Plan launch
    Community Plan and Youth Action Plan launch event including presentation by school council. Local MP John Trickett in attendance together with the local 'great and good'.


  • South Kirkby and Moorthorpe were once small agricultural communities (recorded in the Doomsday Book). 

  • During the Industrial Revolution they were transformed into ‘pit villages’ with an urban character.  

  • Closure of collieries in the early 1990s led to severe social and economic deprivation. 

  • Various regeneration initiatives taken, including the preparation of a South Kirkby & Moorthorpe Community Action Plan, led by a Community Partnership of local stakeholders


Outcomes -
  • 1280 young people involved in preparation of the Community Action Plan (1260 school students and 20 other young people completed the questionnaire);

  • Key findings from youth survey included in Youth Action Plan and in Community Action Plan;

  • Student Council involvement in Community Action Plan launch event, (through powerpoint and verbal presentations of the work);

  • Commitment by the Community Partnership Steering Group to expand so as to include 2 Student Council representatives to help guide the Plan’s implementation (possibly monitored by Planning Aid).

Outcomes - Shortcomings

  • Lack of follow up.  Steering Group collapsed and implementation of plan not systematically followed through.  Due to lack of funding to support a development worker, without whom there is no one to steer and administrate the process.  A proposed expanded steering group with student representation has yet to meet.


Parties involved

South Kirkby & Moorthorpe Community Project (SK&MCP)
Project direction and management

The steering Group includes representatives from:
  • Chevin Housing Association
  • Coalfields Regeneration Trust
  • Moorthorpe Town Council
  • South Kirkby Town Council
  • Local Residents
Minsthorpe Community College (MCC)
Implement survey. Prepare Youth Action Plan. Presentation at launch event.
A local school with 1800 students:
  • 8 members of student council
  • 2 tutors
  • 1 governor
  • 1260 students who completed questionnaires

Yorkshire Planning Aid
Facilitators. General advice, coordination and technical asssistance.

JCF Ltd Consultants
Advice on survey (coordinators of main questionnaire survey).

City of Wakefield Council Young People’s Service
Brokering engagement with 'street kids'

Local 'great and good'
Attended the Community Action Plan launch event.
50 or so, including: local Member of Parliament Jon Trickett; Wakefield Council officers and members.

Coalfields Regeneration Trust


Funding and resources

  • Yorkshire Planning Aid provided a free consultancy service and reimbursed Minsthorpe College for cost of copying questionnaires and for student travel in connection with ‘street kid’ outreach.

  • Cost of Community Plan drafting and survey work funded by grant from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. This funding also supported a Development Worker hosted by Chevin Housing Association and the commissioning of JCF Consultancy.


Planning Aid played a key role which included:

  • Establishing link between the Community Partnership and Minsthorpe Community College re using Student Council to engage with fellow students

  • Helping the Council to modify adult questionnaire and establish distribution and collection mechanisms

  • Linking college with community questionnaire co-ordinator for advice on data input/analysis

  • Advising students and tutors on preparation of a Youth Action Plan based on questionnaire survey

  • Brokering direct link between students and Community Partnership steering group

  • Engaging with Wakefield Youth Services to draw non-college young people into survey

  • Assisting students and youth workers at questionnaire completion sessions with non-college young people

  • Supporting throughout as necessary.

photo gallery

Youth Project

Community Action Plan launch event, April 2005
Students and tutors from Minsthorpe Community College with local MP Jon Trickett

Copyright Planning Aid

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South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Youth Project Engaging young people in the preparation of a Community Action Plan.

Community Action Plan launch event, April 2005
Students and tutors from Minsthorpe Community College with local MP Jon Trickett

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Documents available in date order. Please click on the image or information below it to download and display pdfs

download pdf
9 pages A4 100 KB
Youth questionnaire, Minsthorpe Community College

December 2004

download pdf
42 pages A4 2.4 MB
South Kirkby And Moorthorpe Youth Action Plan, Minsthorpe Community College


download pdf
39 pages A4 2.9 MB
South Kirkby And Moorthorpe Community Plan, Executive Summary

March 2005



"A good example of a resource efficient project from Yorkshire Planning Aid’s point of view.  Facilitation role has not been onerous in time or staff terms, but outputs in terms of numbers of people engaged and hard outcomes have been significant."

Jacqui Baines, Yorkshire Planning Aid coordinator, 2005



No reviews available



Yorkshire Planning Aid
Mike Dando,
Community Planner
Tel 01943 465870

South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council
Chris Geeson,
Town Clerk,
The Grove,
South Kirkby, WF9 3QF
tel: 01977 642159

Minsthorpe Community College
Barbara Mawtus,
Minsthorpe Lane,
South Elmsall,
West Yorkshire, WF9 2UJ
tel: 01977 723810

JCF Limited 
Dr Christine Fiddler,
Alexandra Dock Business Centre,
Fisherman's Wharf, Alexandra Dock,
North East Lincs, DN31 1UL.
tel: 0870 240 8391

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