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Supporting Communities & Neighbourhoods in Planning
This website is a key resource for a UK government funded service providing free support on planning to communities in England.

More details

Community resilience

A guide to help community groups become resilient to the impact of weather and climate change.

Neighbourhood planning UK

A listing of neighbourhood planning group websites and webpages, which are at varying stages of development. Includes many of the 233 government supported ‘frontrunners’.

From the John F C Turner Archive

An important selection of free downloadable papers and articles by and about John Turner's pioneering and influential work on housing in development.

New Online Methods
The Internet
Ways of using the internet

Online consultation
How to use it for big projects

New Case studies
Hudswell Community Pub
Keeping a pub open by creating a community enterprise.

The Eden Project

Turning a redundant quarry into a hugely successful visitor attraction.

Viennese Waste Management Plan
Using a round table approach.

New Scenarios
Developed as part of a training programme for Civitas Elan.
Congestion charging
Setting up a system for making motorists pay to drive into the city centre

Freight delivery
Developing a strategy for deleveries

Public transport corridor
Establishing a route and getting people to use it

New Featured Methods
Have your say event
How to organise them

Getting instant feedback on people�s views during an event.

Ketso kit
A colourful, hands-on and re-usable toolkit for creative engagement

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Last updated on: 17 January 2017