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Public transport
Involving the public in public transport initiatives is especially important because their success will often depend on behaviour changes (e.g. people stopping driving to work in private cars) which are less likely to happen if people do not feel convinced by the approach adopted.

Four distinct phases of public consultation can be identified for most initiatives involving major transport infrastructure:
  1. Overall route consultation - to firm up aims of project and explore strategic options.
  2. Specific neighbourhood consultation - to explore options for route and detailed planning.
  3. During construction - to build momentum and prepare for behaviour change.
  4. In use - to monitor progress and encourage improvements.
The approach shown in this scenario emphasises the importance of constant communication with a large number of people and making imaginative use of consulting with the travelling public.

A town wants to establish a route for a public transport corridor and then get people to use it. Planners and transport operators take the lead.
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Thanks: Created as part of a Civitas Elan training programme, 2009. Milena Marega and Nick Wates.

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