Community planning: Scenarios
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Planning study
This scenario applies where professional planning consultants are commissioned by a local authority or landowner to produce recommendations on future development options in a relatively short period of time.

The conventional approach would be for the consultants to prepare a report based entirely on their past experience and researching available literature.

In the scenario shown here, the consultants also include a consultation process which has to be tightly timetabled to suit their clientıs timescale. This ensures that the consultantsı proposals are based on up-to-date knowledge of local peopleıs views and that local people begin to become involved in the development process.
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Shoreham, Sussex, UK, 1998.

Planning consultants are asked by a local authority to prepare a study of the potential of a large sector of a city. The timescale is short.
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Last updated on: 9 August 2008