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Local neighbourhood
This scenario applies to any area where there are a number of institutional landowners and agencies operating and where local people want to break through inertia and improve the environment and quality of life.

So often the difficulty is getting all the various landowners and agencies to agree on a development strategy that is both visionary and based on what local people want. Without such agreement, development takes place in a mundane and piecemeal fashion, if at all, the most important local needs may not be addressed and opportunities offered by the natural environment are missed. At worst, new initiatives may be destroyed by vandalism and crime.

The scenario shown here ensures that local people start off and remain at the centre of the regeneration process but that all the agencies and land owners are also involved and can play their part.
Mount Wise, Plymouth, UK, 1997, Nick Wates.

Local people in a rundown neighbourhood and agencies working with them take the initiative to speed up the regeneration process.
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Last updated on: 10 August 2008